• Quality : Product with performance.
  • Efficiency : Save/load welding parameters for rapid welding preparation.
  • Reliability : Welding sequence and welding current can be saved.
  • Convenience : Set all welding parameters on controller.
  • Easy : Programmable logic controller with touch panel and remote pendant.
  • Powerful : Connect any welder by 0-10V analog interface.
  • Accuracy : Positioning accuracy within 0.1mm, and speed accuracy within 0.01%.
  • High speed dynamic range (up to 1000), stable welding speed pair with fast positioning speed for decreasing cycle time.

ServoArc Welding System CB-500 & CB-600 Controllers


To facilitate welding automation, Weldlogic introduces the new ServoArc control system, CB-500 and CB-600 Controllers.

The entire ServoArc series employ SERVO MOTOR to achieve a more stable and accurate welding process.

ServoArc series integrated with CB-500 or CB-600 controller provide the best welding experience.

User can easily preset welding process, welding speed and current through intuitive HMI.

The newly added remote pendant provides on-line welding process modification.