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Jul 30, 2013
Robert Gray
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Weldlogic moves to new facility

Weldlogic’s new address: 2651 Lavery Court • Newbury Park, CA 91320WL Building

May 19, 2011
Robert Gray
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Weldlogic at Fabtech

Please visit us at Fabtech, November 2-4, 2010

Booth #6457

May 5, 2011
Robert Gray
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Upgrade your AWS Monitor

Upgrade your AWS to Windows

Weldlogic USA announces… New AWS Software Upgrade

  • All weld schedules directly transfer to the New Windows
  • All weld schedules perform the same as the DOS programs
  • Windows Based Program – Operates in the latest P.C.’s
  • New software has enhanced features

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Weldlogic USA announce a major enhancement to the AWS150 computer controlled welding systems known as AWS Monitor.

Developed with one of our major customers and proven in a production environment, AWS Monitor is a Windows based, real time data acquisition system, designed to run on a standard PC or laptop. All the main TIG welding parameters, of arc voltage, welding current, weld-head travel, wire-feed speed, and process time are measured and recorded.
The AWS Monitor system has been designed specifically to provide all the quality assurance information required by industries, such as Aerospace, Medical, Motorsport, Nuclear and Sensor who demand consistent high-quality welds, traceability and certificate of conformance as standard business practice.

Feature List

  • Provides visual AWS150 indicator panel or dashboard
  • Provides user friendly error messages in splash-screens
  • Provides component serial number or automatic batch file recorder
  • Provides Operator comments box
  • Provides special work instruction box
  • Provides Operator name or initials box
  • Provides visual inspection record of completed weld
  • Visual weld inspection list can be edited to suit application
  • Provides weekly report of visual inspection record as text file
  • Monitors the AWS150 welder, capturing all data up to 4 times a second and saves all data to disc, including date and time
  • Captures machine serial number or weld-cell number (editable)
  • Weld schedule can be viewed in graphic mode as the weld takes place, or as a saved history file
  • Completed weld graphs can be printed
  • Provides ability to compare real time data against master comparison files (with limits)
  • Provides ability to compare one or more data fields; voltage, current, travel and wire feed
  • Provides set-up panel for comparison limits
  • Provides advanced Software Limits Calculation Manual Editor
  • Saved files can be easily analysed using various popular applications such as MS Excel and MS Access